Deep Sync One: My Audiences User Guide

Access your Deep Sync One audiences and quickly leverage additional features to improve your online targeting efforts.

Deep Sync One's My Audiences 

The My Audiences section of Deep Sync One is your command center for the audiences you have created in or uploaded to the platform. Here you can view, manage, and take action on these audiences.

Upon log in, you will notice the "My Audiences" section in the left-hand navigation panel; click "My Audiences" to begin. When the page refreshes, there are four primary functions for your consideration. We'll cover each option in this guide.

  • Files
  • Blueprints
  • Enhanced Onboarding
  • Create Audience

Looking for a quick introduction to My Audiences? Watch our video!



The Files section of My Audiences displays the datasets that you have uploaded in the Deep Sync One platform. Each listing includes the file name, number of records, and the date the file was created (uploaded). 

To take action on an uploaded audience, hover over the listing.

  • Click the blue "Onboard Audience" button to enhance, match, and send your audience to Facebook or TikTok (please see the Enhanced Onboarding section for additional information on this service).
  • Use the menu option in the right-hand side of the listing to Generate Insights, rename your audience, or remove your audience.

Generate Insights

Deep Sync One’s Customer Insights is an automated profiling service that provides brands with an efficient method to better understand their customers and inform future data buying decisions. With Customer Insights, clients upload their first-party customer data to generate a detailed report made possible by matching to Deep Sync’s own identity graph of more than 250 million U.S. consumers.

For more information on Customer Insights, please view our User Guide.



Blueprints are saved audiences created in the Audience Builder. Once a Blueprint is created, you can return to that audience at a later date. 

  • To create a Blueprint, enter the Audience Builder

  • Click in the "Untitled Audience" field in the upper left-hand corner and enter the name you have selected for your audience; as soon as you click into another part of the Audience Builder, your Blueprint will be created
  • Proceed with building your audience; you may exit at any time knowing the progress you have made will be saved

You can review and manage your Blueprints within the My Audiences section. To proceed, click the "My Audiences" tab in the left-hand navigation panel and then click "Blueprints." Each Blueprint you have created is displayed including the number of attributes used to create the audience as well as the date the audience was saved. The menu option on the right-hand side of each listing can be accessed to edit and update your audience. Click "Open in Audience Builder" to edit your audience, "Rename" to change the name of your audience, or "Remove" to delete your audience.

For more information on the Audience Builder, please view our User Guide.


Enhanced Onboarding

Enhanced Onboarding ingests your first-party data and enhances it with online and offline identifiers, including MAIDs, from Deep Sync’s robust identity graph to maximize your match rates to social destinations.

For more information on Enhanced Onboarding, including detailed instructions and file formatting requirements, please view our User Guide.


Create Audience

The Create Audience menu, which appears in the upper right-hand corner of the My Audiences page, features three key audience-focused options.


Upload Your File

Select the "Upload Your File" option to upload a new dataset to Deep Sync One. Please note that at a minimum, email addresses (or hashed email addresses) or a combination of first name, last name, and ZIP codes are required. Additional file formatting guidance is provided in the uploading process.

Build Custom Audience

Select the "Build Custom Audience" option to enter the Audience Builder where you can create your own custom audience.  Custom audiences are saved as Blueprints and can be created and edited from the Blueprints tab of the My Audiences page.

Onboard Audience

Select the "Onboard Audience" option to upload a file that will be matched to Deep Sync's robust identity spine for enhancement, matching, and delivery to your selected social media platform.


As always, if you have any questions regarding My Audiences or the Deep Sync One platform, please contact a member of our team by emailing


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