Deep Sync One: Audience Builder User Guide

Easily combine consumer data attributes to curate your own audience with Deep Sync One’s Audience Builder, featuring Deep Sync's more-than 250 million record consumer dataset as its foundation.

The Audience Builder Process 

Audience Builder is an interactive process that relies on user inputs to create bespoke digital and social media audiences in minutes.

Step One: Add Attributes and Values

  • Begin by logging into Deep Sync One and select “Audience Builder” from the left-hand navigation panel

  • Name your audience by placing your cursor in the “Untitled Audience” field in the upper right-hand corner of the screen; edit existing names by clicking the “Pencil” icon

The action of naming your audience creates a Blueprint, which is effectively a saved audience that you can access at a future date. To review saved audiences, click the "My Audiences" tab in the left-hand navigation panel and then click "Blueprints."

  • Add an attribute to begin building your custom audience; attributes can be added by entering a keyword or phrase in the “Search Attributes” field or by browsing the attribute categories on the left-hand side of the screen

    • To use the attribute search, enter your search term in the “Search Attributes” field and the available results will appear along with the associated category

    • To use the categories, click the caret displayed by the desired category to expand the available options and scroll for the desired attribute

    • In both cases, click “Add” to continue

  • The attribute is added to the Audience Builder; where applicable, select the desired “Operator” and/or enter the desired “Value”

    • For example, the demographic attribute Income requires the use of an Operator and a Value; in this instance, available Operators include Greater Than, Less Than, and Between

    • To identify consumers with an income of $100,000 - $200,000, choose the Operator “Between” and enter the values of “100000” and “200000” in the “Value” fields

  • In some cases, the “Set Filter Value” window appears; where applicable, search for the desired value or use the provided checkboxes or to/from values and click “Add Filter” to proceed

    • For example, the demographic attribute State uses the Set Filter Value window; search for the desired geography by entering the State name into the “Search for Attribute Values” field or manually search for the desired State(s)

  • Repeat these steps as needed until all attributes are included in the Audience Builder


Editing and Removing Attributes
Attributes in the Audience Builder can be edited as needed. Simply adjust the Operators and/or Values accordingly. Some attributes (including States, as an example) will require the use of the “Edit Values” option, which can be accessed by clicking the “Menu” icon within the individual attribute.

Removing an attribute from the Audience Builder can also be accomplished by accessing the “Menu” icon within the individual attribute.

To reset the Audience Builder, which will remove all attributes and allow you to start over, click the blue “Reset” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Step Two: Utilize Logical Operators

Deep Sync builds audiences using “And” logic, meaning that each attribute added is in addition to the previous attributes. Our Logical Operators allow you to customize how your audience is built.

For example, you may want an audience where all consumers have children and are either over age 50 or have a household income greater than $75,000. To accomplish this, the logical operators between the attributes for Age and Income are changed to “Or” logic.

  • To change  “And” logic to “Or” logic, click the caret to the right of the “And” option; a dropdown list will display

  • Select the “Or” operator; a group will be created that differentiates those attributes from those with “And” logic

  • To return all attributes to “And” logic, click the “Ungroup” link at the bottom right-hand corner of the Audience Builder

  • Please note that certain attributes may have restrictions on the logical operators available. For example, only the “And” operator can be used with a radius selection.

You can also create groups by accessing the “Menu” icon within an individual attribute. The screen will refresh, and you will be prompted to select the attributes that should be grouped together. Click to make the selection. Once complete, click the “Group Selected” button to proceed.

Audience Builder And Logic


Audience Builder Or Logic

Step Three: Get Audience Results and Create Your Audience

Throughout the audience creation process, the estimated size of your audience is displayed on the bottom left-hand side of the Audience Builder. With each change you make, whether adding a new attribute, editing values, or toggling logical operators, the estimated audience size will update dynamically.

  • To complete the audience creation process, click the blue “Get Audience Results” button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen

  • The Audience Overview window displays the estimated audience size and billable rate

    • On occasion, an audience will be either too large or too small to distribute, and revision will be required for you to proceed

    • A notification will be displayed if changes are needed              

  • At this point, you can edit your audience by clicking the “Edit Audience” button or create your audience by clicking the “Create Audience” button

  • The opportunity to name your audience is presented; enter the audience name and click “Continue” to proceed

  • Select the destination(s) where you would like to have your audience distributed to; click “Send” to continue

    • To receive audience segments, you must have a valid payment method and Facebook Ad Account ID linked in Deep Sync One

    • Before the segments can be delivered, you will need to accept Deep Sync One’s request for reporting access through Facebook as well as Facebook’s Terms and Conditions

    • Audiences distributed from Deep Sync’s Audience Builder can be enabled in Facebook typically within an hour


There is no cost associated with distributing an audience to Facebook. You are only charged the billable rate when the data shared with your Facebook Ad Account is recognized in an active campaign.


Working with Blueprints

Blueprints are effectively saved audiences created in the Audience Builder. Once a Blueprint is created, you can return to that audience at a later date. 

  • To create a Blueprint, enter the Audience Builder

  • Click in the "Untitled Audience" field in the upper left-hand corner and enter the name you have selected for your audience; as soon as you click into another part of the Audience Builder, your Blueprint will be created
  • Proceed with building your audience; you may exit at any time knowing the process you have made will be saved

You can review and manage your Blueprints within the My Audiences section. to proceed, click the "My Audiences" tab in the left-hand navigation panel and then click "Blueprints." Each Blueprint you have created is displayed including the number of attributes used to create the audience as well as the date the audience was saved. The menu option on the right-hand side of each listing can be accessed to edit and update your audience. Click "Open in Audience Builder" to edit your audience, "Rename" to change the name of your audience, or "Remove" to delete your audience.


Additional Audience Services

Browse the Marketplace
Intuitive navigation and multiple filtering mechanisms enable efficient audience searches in the Deep Sync One marketplace. Getting started is easy; our pricing is fully transparent and clearly displayed within each audience segment. Charges are only incurred when an Ad Set accesses Deep Sync One’s shared audiences. Begin by entering a keyword or phrase, view popular audiences, search by category, or search by provider name. In most cases, these audiences can be enabled on Facebook or delivered to your destination of choice within 48 - 72 hours.

Use Customer Insights
Customer Insights ingests your first-party data and utilizes Deep Sync’s robust identity graph to match your customers. A series of user-defined identifiers enables us to search for and identify consumers within our graph. We apply our intelligence to a comparison between your customer file and our national consumer prospect universe. The result is an actionable demographic insights report and corresponding audience recommendations for future marketing initiatives.

Explore Custom Segments
When a multidimensional audience including a variety of audience segments is required, Deep Sync offers custom segments. Our team will work with you to identify your campaign goals and create an audience segment designed exclusively for your needs. In most cases, these audiences can be enabled on Facebook or delivered to your destination of choice within 48 - 72 hours.


About the Data: Compact Information Systems

Compact Information Systems’ consumer dataset, Consumer Direct, is the foundation of Deep Sync’s Audience Builder.

Compiling the best-in-class, U.S.-based consumer and resident datasets for more than thirty years, Compact Information Systems, a Deep Sync brand, powers billions of data connections for thousands of customers annually. Compact’s deterministic, privacy-safe, and highly customizable datasets support online and offline use cases for agencies and brands alike. Compact is one of only two companies with direct access to postal data on a national scale. The resulting weekly updates provide postal data coverage for 96% of all U.S. residents. This rich identity data is combined with our proprietary datasets to create an unprecedented view of consumers and households nationwide.


Compilation Methodology

Compact’s data attributes are 100% compliant with U.S. privacy rules and regulations. Compact compiles much of their exclusive information from the point of origin. A complete suite of data hygiene processes is applied with each update to promote the highest quality and deliverability across all channels.

Primary Collection Sources:

  • Address Histories

  • City Directories

  • Consumer Surveys

  • Courthouse Records

  • Directory Assistance Data

  • Modeled Data

  • Postal Data

  • Publications

  • Purchase Transactions

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • United States Census® Data

  • Voter Registrations

  • Warranty Cards and more


As always, if you have any questions regarding Audience Builder or the Deep Sync One platform, please contact a member of our team by emailing


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