Deep Sync One: Customer Insights FAQ

Review answers to the most frequently asked questions relating to Customer Insights on Deep Sync One

What is Customer Insights?

Customer Insights is a descriptive profiling service that ingests your first-party data and creates a demographic insights report along with corresponding audience recommendations for future marketing initiatives. The report is generated by matching your customer records to Deep Sync’s robust identity graph that covers more than 96% of the U.S. population aged 18 and older. A series of user-defined identifiers (fields on your input file) enables us to search for and identify consumers within our graph. We apply our intelligence to a comparison between your customer file and our national consumer prospect universe.


How does Customer Insights support my marketing goals?

Customer Insights supports two primary marketing goals: audience discovery and informed targeting. Simply stated, Customer Insights helps you uncover previously unknown details about your current customers. You will learn key insights regarding their demographic makeup and how those attributes compare to a national consumer prospect universe. This information can inform future data buying decisions, while guiding segmentation and personalization initiatives and the selection of attributes for future demographic enhancement.


How do I create a Customer Insights report?

To learn how to create your own Customer Insights report, please visit our User Guide. You’ll have access to a video demonstration and detailed step-by-step instructions, along with all of the information you need to prepare your first-party data for upload. Log in to today to get started!


What prospect universe is being used in the comparison?

Deep Sync’s own more than 250 million record consumer dataset, which is the foundation of our identity graph, is the prospect universe being used in the Customer Insights comparison. Our consumer dataset features coverage of more than 96% of residential addresses in the United States, more than 750 attributes, and is 100% compliant with U.S. privacy rules and regulations. We compile much of our exclusive information from the point of origin. A complete suite of data hygiene processes is applied with each update to promote the highest accuracy. 


Is the comparison that is provided relevant to my marketing footprint or is it nationwide?

The comparison provided with your Customer Insights report is nationwide.


What is the required input file format?

Both .csv and .txt file extensions are supported, along with the following delimiters: comma, pipe, semicolon, and tab. Please note that Excel formats (.xlsx or .xls) and Google Sheets are not supported in the Deep Sync One platform. For assistance converting your Excel or Google files to supported formats, please review the “Supported File Formats” section of our User Guide.


What fields are required on my input file?

To perform our match, Customer Insights requires an Email Address, which can be hashed, or a combination of First Name, Last Name, and Zip Code at a minimum. A variety of additional columns can be included in your upload file and will be utilized in support of matching accuracy if included. Please reference our User Guide for a complete list of accepted columns and formatting guidance. While not required, we do recommend including a header row on your file.


How many records are required?

For the best results, we recommend a minimum of 3,000 records. 1.000 matches are required to produce a Customer Insights report.


What information is included in my Customer Insights report?

Your Customer Insights report includes a variety of information to help you interpret the results. The on-screen report includes the following fields: 

  • Total Customer File Records: The total number of records uploaded within the client file
  • Total Matched Records: The total number of records Deep Sync was able to identify within our identity graph (Please note that to protect the fidelity of the results returned, we limit the total number of potential matches to a maximum of 10 per record submitted. A minimum of 1,000 matched records is required to produce a report.)
  • Match Rate: The percentage of customer records Deep Sync was able to match
  • Rank: A numeric score representing the significance of the audience segments in your file, with rank 1 being the most significant
  • Name: The name of the attribute being examined
  • Value: The specific value within the attribute being examined
  • Matched Users: The percentage of matched customer records that match to that specific value
  • Index Score: A numeric representation of how likely the customers on your file are to appear in a segment compared to the general population


How long will I have access to my report once it's been created?

You will have access to your Customer Insights report until you remove the source file (your upload file) is removed from Deep Sync One. To learn now to remove the source file, please refer to the "How do I delete a Customer Insights report?" question within this resource. 


Is my Customer Insights report refreshed while it’s active in Deep Sync One?

Customer Insights reports are not dynamic; they do not refresh once produced. 


How long is my report considered relevant?

We recommend profiling your customers on a regular basis to account for any shifts in market composition and/or customer attributes that may affect your business. With our self-service platform and quick results, performing updates is simple.


I have created my report, what do I do next?

There are three primary paths to consider following the creation and review of your Customer Insights report: browse relevant audiences, visit the Audience Builder to create your own audience, or explore custom segments. The details of each are outlined below.


Browse Relevant Audiences

As you explore the results of your Customer Insights report, you will notice that the “Index Score” column has a series of green buttons that display a numeric value. Mouse over these buttons to reveal the “Browse Relevant” button. Clicking this option will lead you to a series of hand-selected audiences that demographically most resemble your highest indexing audience segments. In most cases, these audiences can delivered to your destination of choice within 48 - 72 hours.


Visit the Audience Builder

Once you have familiarized yourself with the customer segments that are considered most significant, you can visit Deep Sync One’s Audience Builder to create your own custom audiences using our proprietary data assets.

To begin, note your highest-ranking customer segments (names and values), as you will need to search for them within the Audience Builder. Next, click the “Audience Builder” tab located within the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the “Add Filter” button to search for or select your filter groups. Once your filter group (for example, Demographics) has populated, choose your filter attribute (for example, Marital Status), and click “Next” to continue. The available values for the attribute you selected will display (for example, Single or Married); select accordingly and then click “Add Filter.” Repeat this process as needed to create your custom audience. Once complete, click “Get Audience Results” to obtain the size of your custom audience. In most cases, these audiences can be delivered to your destination of choice within 24 hours.


Explore Custom Segments

When a multidimensional audience including a variety of high-ranking audience segments is required, Deep Sync offers custom segments. Our team will work with you to identify your campaign goals and create an audience segment designed exclusively for your needs. In most cases, these audiences can be delivered to your destination of choice within 48 - 72 hours.


What is the importance of the index score?

Index scores refer to how likely the customers in your file are to appear in an audience compared to the general population. 


I have a few different Customer Insights reports and the values included on each report are different. For example, I have age on one report, but it’s not on the other. Why is that?

Customer Insights reporting will vary from file to file as only the top-indexing attributes are displayed. Generally speaking, only attributes with an index greater than 2 will be included on your Customer Insights report. This enables you to focus on the audience segments that are the most significant within your first-party data.


Am I able to view a past Customer Insights report?

Once you are logged in to Deep Sync One, click “Customer Insights” in the left-hand navigation panel to continue. The most recent Customer Insights report is displayed. To review a past report, use the picklist in the upper left-hand corner of the screen to select the file you would like to see insights on. The screen will refresh and the Customer Insights report will be displayed.


What is the difference between the Custom Insights report and the Advanced Customer Insights Report?

Deep Sync offers two versions of the Customer Insights report. Our free summary report displays on-screen in the platform and is accessible to all users. Our full report, the Advanced Customer Insights report, is a paid and downloadable report that explores more than 45 demographic attributes.


Customer Insights Report (free)

Advanced Customer Insights Report (paid)

Summary of top-indexing attributes

Summary of top-indexing attributes

Percentage of records matched per segment

Percentage of records matched per segment

Basic demographic insights

Explore more than 45 demographic attributes with detailed breakouts by variable across the United States

Displays on-screen in Deep Sync One

Downloadable, sharable report

Viewable only from your account

Enables easy team collaboration


How do I create an Advanced Customer Insights Report?

An Advanced Customer Insights report can be ordered by clicking the "Purchase Full Report" button at the top of the Customer Insights page. To view a sample of the Advanced Customer Insights report, click the "Purchase Full Report" button and then click "Download Sample Report" in the modal window. Please reference the "Advanced Customer Insights Report" section of our User Guide for additional detail.


Does Customer Insights create an audience for me to use?

At this time, Customer Insights does not create an audience (for example, an audience of consumers that look demographically similar) for you to use. We do provide audience recommendations based on your top indexing demographics. You can access those by hovering over the demographic elements in your on-screen report and clicking “Browse Relevant.” Please note that we display all available values for a given demographic, so be mindful when comparing your top-indexing audience segments to the recommendations in our Marketplace.

Deep Sync can support your lookalike audience needs! Please contact a member of our team to discuss your goals.


Can I apply the Customer Insights learnings to a direct mail audience?

Yes, you can! Please contact a member of our team to discuss the direct mail options that are available to you as well as our delivery options. 


How do I delete a Customer Insights report?

Customer Insights results can be deleted by removing the associated file from Deep Sync One. To proceed, note the name of the file used to create your Customer Insights report. Next, click “My Audiences” in the left-hand navigation; a list of the files you have uploaded displays. Identify the name of the file you would like to delete, and click the associated menu icon on the right-hand side. A list of options displays; click “Remove.” A modal window will ask for your confirmation to delete the file; click “Delete” to proceed. 

Please note that if you have purchased an Advanced Customer Insights report and choose to delete the associated file, the report will no longer be accessible in Deep Sync One.


As always, if you have any questions regarding Customer Insights or the Deep Sync One platform, please contact a member of our team by emailing