Deep Sync One: Customer Insights User Guide

Deep Sync’s Customer Insights is an automated profiling service that provides brands with an efficient method to better understand their customers and inform future data-buying decisions.

How Customer Insights Works

The Process - Three Simple Steps to Improved Campaign Results

  1. Upload your formatted customer file into Deep Sync One

  2. Generate your own Customer Insights report

  3. Identify lookalike audiences to enhance campaign results


In simple terms, Customer Insights ingests your first-party data and utilizes Deep Sync’s robust identity graph to match your customers. A series of user-defined identifiers enables us to search for and identify consumers within our graph. We apply our intelligence to a comparison between your customer file and our national consumer prospect universe. The result is an actionable demographic insights report and corresponding audience recommendations for future marketing initiatives. With Customer Insights, you’ll:

  • See report results quickly and, generally speaking, in less than an hour

  • Learn which demographic elements within your file index higher than in the national prospect universe

  • Access a rank that guides you to the segments that are the most significant based on our findings

  • Receive specific audience recommendations that can be applied to future online and offline campaigns

  • Have the ability to create and store multiple Customer Insights reports for future reference


As you work to identify the segment of customer data you are using, take into consideration that this information will be used to inform future data purchases. We recommend utilizing your CRM/known customer data and, where possible, segmenting based on the customers you would most like to replicate. 

  • Begin by logging into Deep Sync One and select “Customer Insights” from the left-hand navigation panel

  • Click the “Upload Customer File” button and either navigate to your file using the “Select File” option or drag and drop your file of choice into the modal window

  • Confirm whether or not your file contains a header row and the field delimiter, and click “Continue” to proceed

  • Map the fields within your file to the identifiers supported by Customer Insights; click “Continue” to proceed (Please note that some columns on your file may not map to Customer Insights identifiers. In these cases, use the “Not Mapped” option.)

  • Click “Generate Insights” to complete the file upload process; you will receive an email as soon as your Customer Insights are complete

Supported File Formats 

Customer Insights supports a variety of file extensions and delimiters.

Supported File Extensions

  • .csv

  • .txt

Supported Field Delimiters

  • Comma

  • Pipe

  • Semicolon

  • Tab

Excel file formats (.xlsx or .xls) and Google Sheets are not supported in the Deep Sync One platform. To export an Excel file into one of our accepted formats, take the following steps:

  • Open the Excel file, go to “File” and select “Save As”

  • Click “Browse” and in the Save As dialog box, choose the “CSV (Comma Delimited)” or “TXT (Tab Delimited)” option and proceed to save your file

To export Google Sheets into one of our accepted formats, take the following steps:

  • Open the Google Sheet file and click on the tab you want to save as a CSV

  • Go to “File” and hover over “Download” to see the list of available options; select “Comma Separated Values (.csv)” and proceed to save your file

Matching to Identifiers and Field Requirements

Customer Insights utilizes Deep Sync’s proprietary 250+ million record consumer dataset as the foundation of our identity graph. This robust, privacy-safe dataset is 100% compliant with U.S. privacy rules and regulations and includes more than 750 attributes that can be utilized for matching, enrichment, and targeting.

To perform our match, Customer Insights requires an Email Address, which can be hashed, or a combination of First Name, Last Name, and ZIP Code at a minimum. A variety of additional columns can be included in your upload file and will be utilized in support of matching accuracy if included. While not required, we do recommend including a header row on your file.

For the best results, a minimum of 3,000 customer records is recommended.


Accepted Columns:


Email Address

Up to three Email Addresses can be included in separate columns; only one Email Address is permitted per cell.

First Name

First Names and first name initials can be formatted with or without accents, hyphens, and/or periods. 

Last Name

Last Names can be formatted with or without accents and/or hyphens.

Full Name

While Full Names are accepted, parsed name columns are preferred.

Phone Number

Up to three Phone Numbers can be included in separate columns; only one Phone Number is permitted per cell. Phone Numbers must include an area code and can be formatted with or without hyphens (for example, 234-567-8910 or 2345678910).

Address Line 1

While full Addresses are accepted, parsed address (Address Line 1 and Address Line 2) columns are preferred.

Address Line 2

This is an optional field.


City names are accepted in their standard format.


Both State codes and full State names are accepted.

ZIP Code

Both 5-digit ZIP Code and 9-digit ZIP Code formatting is accepted. 9-digit ZIP codes must include a hyphen between the 5-digit ZIP code and 4-digit extension (for example, 98052-0576).

Full Address

While Full Addresses (Address Line 1, Address Line 2, City, State, and ZIP Code) are accepted, parsed address columns are preferred.

Mobile Device ID

MAID, AAID, and IDFA Device IDs are accepted.

Hashed Email Address

SHA256 hashed Email Addresses are accepted.


Understanding Your Results 

Deep Sync offers two versions of the Customer Insights report. Our free summary report displays on-screen in the platform and is accessible to all users. Our full report, the Advanced Customer Insights report, is a paid and downloadable report that can be accessed by clicking the "Purchase Full Report" button at the top of the Customer Insights page. To view a sample of the Advanced Customer Insights report, click the "Purchase Full Report" button and then click "Download Sample Report" in the modal window. Please reference the "Advanced Customer Insights Report" section for additional detail.

When your Customer Insights report is complete, you will be notified via email. For those who choose to stay active in the platform during processing, there is a progress indicator and refresh option that will keep you informed until your report is completed.

Your Customer Insight results display with metrics of the match results horizontally across the top and the indexed demographics, in order of importance, vertically. You will have access to the following information:

Total Customer File Records

The total number of records uploaded within the client file

Total Matched Records

The total number of records Deep Sync was able to identify within our identity graph

    • Please note that to protect the fidelity of the results returned, we limit the total number of potential matches to a maximum of 10 per record submitted. A minimum of 1,000 matched records is required to produce a report.

Match Rate

The percentage of customer records Deep Sync was able to match


A numeric score representing the significance of the audience segments in your file, with rank 1 being the most significant


The name of the attribute being examined


The specific value within the attribute being examined

Matched Users

The percentage of matched customer records that match to that specific value

Index Score

A numeric representation of how likely the customers on your file are to appear in a segment compared to the general population

Advanced Customer Insights Report

Our Advanced Customer Insights report will provide you with deeper insights into the demographic makeup of your first-party data. In addition to receiving a summary of top-indexing attributes, your comprehensive demographic report will guide you through a variety of valuable data points, exploring the individual variables and how your customers compare to Deep Sync's more than 250 million record consumer universe. Your Advanced Customer Insights report is downloadable as a PDF. View a sample of our Advanced Customer Insights report here!


Your report will include an examination of the following attributes:

Age Ranges Home Value Ranges Number of Generations
Buying Activity Homeownership Number of Lines of Credit
Credit Cards Household with Children Number of People
Direct Mail Responsive Income Ranges Occupation
Dwelling Type Interests Occupation Categories
Education Investments Political Party
Elderly Parent Languages Presence of Children
Elderly Person in Household Length of Residence Property Type Detail
Family Position Marital Status Registered Voter
Gender Modeled Credit Ranges Small Office/Home Office
Generational Cohorts Motorcycle Owner Swimming Pool Present
Geographic Heatmap Net Worth Truck Owner
Grandchildren Under Age 12 New Credit Card Issued Verified Homeowner
Has a Basement New Credit Range Offered Veteran in Household
Home Heat Type Number of Adults Wealth Rating
Home Purchase Price Ranges Number of Children  


What to Do Next - Take Action on Customer Insights

Browse Relevant Audiences

As you explore the results of your Customer Insights report, you will notice that the “Index Score” column has a series of green buttons that display a numeric value. Mouse over these buttons to reveal the “Browse Relevant” button. Clicking this option will lead you to a series of hand-selected audiences that demographically most resemble your highest indexing audience segments. In most cases, these audiences can be enabled on Facebook and TikTok or delivered to your destination of choice within 48 - 72 hours.

Visit the Audience Builder

Once you have familiarized yourself with the customer segments that are considered most significant, you can visit Deep Sync One’s Audience Builder to create your own custom audiences using our proprietary data assets.

To begin, note your highest-ranking customer segments (names and values), as you will need to search for them within the Audience Builder. Next, click the “Audience Builder” tab located within the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the “Add Filter” button to search for or select your filter groups. Once your filter group (for example, Demographics) has populated, choose your filter attribute (for example, Marital Status), and click “Next” to continue. The available values for the attribute you selected will display (for example, Single or Married); select accordingly and then click “Add Filter.” Repeat this process as needed to create your custom audience. Once complete, click “Get Audience Results” to obtain the size of your custom audience. In most cases, these audiences can be enabled on Facebook or delivered to your destination of choice within 24 hours.

Explore Custom Segments

When a multidimensional audience including a variety of high-ranking audience segments is required, Deep Sync offers custom segments. Our team will work with you to identify your campaign goals and create an audience segment designed exclusively for your needs. In most cases, these audiences can be enabled on Facebook and TikTok or delivered to your destination of choice within 48 - 72 hours.

Managing Your Customer Insights Files

Within the Customer Insights tab of Deep Sync One, you will have access to the customer files that you have uploaded and their corresponding reports. To manage your Customer Insights upload files, click the “Manage Files” button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. From here, you can:

  • Generate a new Customer Insights report by clicking the “Upload Customer File” button

  • Rename a customer file by clicking the “Rename” link

  • Delete a customer file by clicking the corresponding “Delete” link

Viewing Customer Insights Reports

By default, your most recent Customer Insights report will be displayed. You can toggle between Customer Insights reports by clicking the file name drop-down menu that appears below the “Customer Insights” title in the upper left-hand corner.

About the Data

Deep Sync's proprietary consumer dataset is the foundation of Customer Insights.

Compiling best-in-class, U.S.-based datasets for more than thirty years, Deep Sync powers billions of data connections for thousands of customers annually. Our deterministic, privacy-safe, and highly customizable datasets support online and offline use cases for agencies and brands alike. Deep Sync is one of only two companies with direct access to postal data on a national scale. The resulting weekly updates provide postal data coverage for 96% of all U.S. residents. This rich identity data is combined with our proprietary datasets to create an unprecedented view of consumers and households nationwide.

Compilation Methodology

Deep Sync's data attributes are 100% compliant with U.S. privacy rules and regulations. We compile much of our exclusive information from the point of origin. A complete suite of data hygiene processes is applied with each update to promote the highest quality and deliverability across all channels.

Primary Collection Sources

  • Address Histories
  • City Directories
  • Consumer Surveys
  • Courthouse Records
  • Directory Assistance Data
  • Modeled Data
  • Postal Data
  • Publications
  • Purchase Transactions
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • United States Census® Data
  • Voter Registrations
  • Warranty Cards and more


As always, if you have any questions regarding Customer Insights, the Advanced Customer Insights report, or the Deep Sync One platform, please contact a member of our team by emailing