Deep Sync One: Frequently Asked Questions

This Knowledge Base article features answers to Deep Sync One users' most frequently asked questions.

General Platform Information and Processes


Q: How do I get started with Deep Sync One?

A: Getting started with Deep Sync One is easy, and you can browse our available audience segments for free! To begin, create a Deep Sync One account. You will add your payment  method and your desired ad account IDs. At this point, you can begin browsing.

Please note that before audience segments can be delivered, you will need to validate access in your destination, which may include accepting Deep Sync One's request for reporting or adding Deep Sync One as a partner. Once verified, audience segments selected from the Deep Sync One marketplace will appear in your Facebook account within 24 - 72 hours.


Q: Where can I learn more about the platform and its capabilities?

A: View this Product Sheet or watch this quick product video!


Q: Do you offer platform demonstrations?

A: Yes, we are happy to provide you with a demonstration of the platform. Please contact to schedule a time convenient for you.


Q: During what hours can I access live chat and platform support?

A: The Deep Sync One team is available Monday – Friday from 9:00AM – 5:00PM ET. Live Chat is available on the Deep Sync One site, but we do not offer real-time support. We will respond to all chat requests as quickly as possible. 


Q: What types of audience data are available within Deep Sync One?

A: Deep Sync One features thousands of data segments from the nation’s leading providers and data marketplaces, including LiveRamp and Oracle Data Cloud. Once logged in, you can search for audiences by keyword(s) or use our Category filters to select specific data categories.

Available data categories include: Auto, B2B, Charity, Demographics, Finance, Home & Property, Interests, Lifestyle, Political, Retail, Technology, and Travel.


Q: Where can I see audience sizes?

A: For Deep Sync's own data assets, which include CIS by Deep Sync, CIS B2B by Deep Sync, and HomeData by Deep Sync) you will see the Facebook reach when searching in the Marketplace. You will also see an estimated audience size when building a custom segment in our Audience Builder. Unfortunately, we do not have this detail for any other provider segment within the Marketplace.


Q: Can I order more than one audience segment at a time?

A: Yes! You can order an unlimited number of data segments. Simply select the desired segments by clicking the associated checkbox. The selected segments will populate your shopping cart.

Q: I am an agency with multiple clients. Can I deliver audiences to multiple ad accounts in Deep Sync One for my different clients?

A: You can set up multiple ad accounts in one Deep Sync One account. But please note that, at this time, you can have only one credit card in the account. If you want to use different credit cards for each ad account, we recommend setting up separate Deep Sync One accounts for your client accounts.


Q: Does Deep Sync One offer non-U.S. audience segments?

A: Deep Sync One supports only U.S.-based audience segments. We do not offer international data.


Q: What destinations are currently available on Deep Sync One?

A: Currently, we can deliver audience data to Facebook, TikTok, The Trade Desk, and Google DV360. Looking to for additional destinations? Please contact us to our discuss custom audience capabilities.


Q: Is there a monthly subscription fee to use Deep Sync One?

A: At this time, there is no fee to use the platform. You can browse audiences for free. In fact, you'll only be charged for audiences that are used in active social and programmatic campaigns!


Q. Why can't I register with my personal email address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)?

A: For data privacy reasons, we accept only verified business email domains for registration.



Getting Started with Social Targeting on Facebook & TikTok


Q: How do I get started with Deep Sync One for Facebook targeting?

A: To begin, create a Deep Sync One account. Next, visit the Destinations tab in the left navigation panel and click "Add destination" in the upper right. 

Destinations Tab

On the next screen, hover over the Facebook option and click the "Add destination" box. In the next window, enter your Ad Account ID and click "Add destination".

Facebook destination

Next, in the main Destinations tab, click the "Add payment method" box to enter your credit card information. (You won't be charged until audience segments you have ordered and delivered to your verified ad destinations are used in your Facebook ad campaigns.)

Finally, you will need to log in to your Facebook Business Manager account to accept Deep Sync One’s request for reporting access. This request can be found in the Business Settings, in the “Requests” tab on the left navigation menu. A Business Manager account administrator will need to accept this request. The acceptance process is a one-time event.

Business Settings

Not seeing the Deep Sync One reporting access request? You can manually connect with Deep Sync One’s Business Manager by following the steps noted within the answer below for “What should I do if I don't receive the Deep Sync One reporting-access request?”

Once accepted, you can browse segments and deliver them to your Facebook destination. Audience segments selected from the Deep Sync One platform will appear in your Facebook Ads Manager account within 24 – 72 hours.

Prior to the use of an audience, you'll need to accept Facebook’s Custom Audience Terms and Conditions by clicking "Accept Terms" next to each audience.

Custom Audiences in Facebook

Custom Audience Terms


Q. Where can I find my Facebook Ad Account ID? 

A: You can find your Facebook Ad Account ID in the "Account Overview" tab of Facebook Ads Manager


Q: How are the selected audience segments delivered to my Facebook account?

A: Once the steps above are completed, Deep Sync One will configure the audience data you've added to your cart for delivery. Using a direct integration between Deep Sync One and Facebook, the audience segments will be added to your Facebook Ads Manager Audience section within 24 – 72 hours.


Q: When can I expect to receive the audience data I ordered?

A: Generally speaking, audience segments from the Deep Sync One platform will appear in your Facebook Ads Manager account within 24 – 72 hours. Delivery times may vary depending on the method of segment creation as shown below: 

  • Deep Sync One Audience Builder: Delivery within an hour

  • CIS and HomeData segments: Delivery within three hours

  • For all other deliveries, please allow between 24 – 72 hours

Once your audience segments have been delivered, you will be able to search by segment to begin adding them to your Facebook campaigns.


Q: Where do I find my Deep Sync audiences in Facebook?

A: Shared audiences are found in the "Audience" tab within Facebook Business Manager. You will need to accept Facebook’s Custom Audience terms to proceed.


Q: What happens if I cannot see the audience segments in my Facebook account?

A: If you have not received your data following the 24 – 72 hour standard delivery time frame, please confirm the following. A Business Manager account administrator is required to complete these steps.

  1. Confirm that you have accepted Facebook’s Terms and Conditions, specifically, the Custom Audience Terms.
  2. Confirm that you have accepted Deep Sync One’s request for reporting access.


Q: Is there a way to transfer an audience from one Ad Account ID to another?

A: Unfortunately, no. You will have to order the audiences and send them to each ad account separately.


Q: What should I do if I don't receive the Deep Sync One reporting-access request?

On occasion, our access request is not received. As a workaround, you can manually connect with Deep Sync One’s Business Manager.

The Deep Sync One Facebook Partner Account ID is 132542868200797. 

Within your account’s Business Settings, select “Ad Accounts” from the Accounts option in the left navigation menu. Click the “Assign partners” button and add the Deep Sync One account ID to the “Enter Business ID” field. Next, ensure that the “View Performance” option is turned on. Click “Next” to continue.


Q: Once my audience segments are in Facebook, can I apply additional filters?

A: Yes, you can! Deep Sync One’s audience segments work the same as custom audiences in Facebook. You can overlay additional targeting when setting up your ad campaign.

Q: I am setting up my Facebook campaign and have received a custom audiences error message. What should I do to move forward?
A: Should you encounter this error message, please contact Deep Sync support for assistance.


Q: Do you support any other social destinations?
A: Yes, we do! In addition to Facebook, we support audience distributions to TikTok. More destinations will be added in the future, so please check back to see our progress!


Q: What is the process to set up TikTok as a destination for my audiences?
A: Once you’ve added your TikTok Advertiser Account as a destination within Deep Sync One, along with your payment method (see detailed steps above for Facebook), you will be directed to activate TikTok as a destination.

First, open the TikTok Business Center to verify your account. Next, navigate to “Assets” then “Advertiser Accounts” to find the Advertiser. Then, go to the “Partners” tab and click “Share with Partner.” Enter the Deep Sync One TikTok Advertiser Partner ID and grant "Operator" permissions. Administrator permissions for the Business Center are required. The acceptance process is a one-time event. 

The Deep Sync One TikTok Partner ID is 7093295604301955074.

Once completed, Deep Sync One will be able to deliver data to your TikTok Advertiser Account. Please contact Deep Sync support for assistance.


Additional Deep Sync One Features


Q: What's the difference between Marketplace and Audience Builder?

A: Deep Sync One's Marketplace provides instant access to thousands of deterministic and
probabilistic audience segments from leading data providers and marketplaces, including Deep Sync's proprietary datasets as well as Acxiom, Bombora, Dstillery, Epsilon, Experian, Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), TransUnion, and more.

Deep Sync One's Audience Builder enables users to curate their own custom audiences. Featuring Deep Sync’s 250+ million-record consumer data spine as its foundation, Audience Builder offers more than 750 predefined filters that can be blended seamlessly. Choose from  popular options including age, charitable activities, home value, household composition, income, interests, investment owners, and net worth.


Q. I’m not finding the right data for my campaign. What are my options?
A. Try the Audience Builder! Deep Sync One’s Audience Builder enables you to create your own custom audiences using our data assets.

To begin, click the “Audience Builder” tab located within the navigation panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Enter keywords or phrases to search for attributes or browse the available categories.

For example, to build an audience of married households with an income of greater than $200,000, select Marital Status by clicking “Add” and choose the value “Married.” Click “Add Filter” to continue; the attribute populates in the Audience Builder. Repeat the process by searching for and adding the desired Income criteria. Once complete, click “Get Audience Results” to obtain the size of your custom audience. Audience Builder segments will appear in your Facebook account within 24 hours.

Still not finding what you need? The Deep Sync One team can assist you in the creation of bespoke audiences for your campaign needs. Please contact to learn more. 


Q: What is the “Geography” option in the Audience Builder?
A: The Geography feature enables the inclusion of specific geographic regions into the audience creation process. Deep Sync One audiences in the Marketplace have national coverage unless otherwise specified. Within the Audience Builder, you can elect to create audiences based on the following geographies: Carrier Routes, Cities, Counties, DMAs, States, and Zip Codes (5-digit). Within the Audience Builder, geographies are identified and added in the same way that demographics are. 

All Deep Sync datasets are built from our offline PII-based data spine to ensure highly accurate targeting both online and off. Deep Sync One’s geography filters are applied at the household-level based on the consumer’s physical address.


Q: What are Blueprints?
A:  Effectively, Blueprints are saved audiences created in the Audience Builder. Once a Blueprint is created, you can return to that audience at a later date. 

  • To create a Blueprint, enter the Audience Builder

  • Click in the "Untitled Audience" field in the upper left-hand corner and enter the name you have selected for your audience; as soon as you click into another part of the Audience Builder, your Blueprint will be created
  • Proceed with building your audience; you may exit at any time knowing the process you have made will be saved

You can review and manage your Blueprints within the My Audiences section. to proceed, click the "My Audiences" tab in the left-hand navigation panel and then click "Blueprints." Each Blueprint you have created is displayed including the number of attributes used to create the audience as well as the date the audience was saved. The menu option on the right-hand side of each listing can be accessed to edit and update your audience. Click "Open in Audience Builder" to edit your audience, "Rename" to change the name of your audience, or "Remove" to delete your audience.


Q: What is Customer Insights?
A: Deep Sync One’s Customer Insights is an automated profiling service that provides brands with an efficient method to better understand their customers and inform future data buying decisions. With Customer Insights, clients upload their first-party customer data to generate a detailed report made possible by matching to Deep Sync’s own identity graph of more than 250 million U.S. consumers.


Q: What are Custom Requests and how do they differ from the Audience Builder?
A: Custom requests are provider-specific audiences created on a case-by-case basis to support your business needs and marketing goals. Deep Sync One‘s Audience Builder enables you to generate your own custom audience from data assets within the Deep Sync One platform. We recommend beginning with the Audience Builder. However, if you are unable to create your desired audience, click the “Request custom audiences'' button at the bottom of the homepage to initiate a custom request. After responding to a few brief questions, your request will be submitted to the Deep Sync One team of data experts.



Pricing, Billing, and Payment Details


Q: How does pricing work?
A: Deep Sync One’s audience segment pricing varies based on the associated data provider. Billable percentage rates are displayed next to each data segment in the Deep Sync One marketplace. The majority of audience segments have a billable rate of 10%, 12%, or 15%. Custom audience segments are excluded from this pricing and will have their own individual billing rate.


Q: When will I be charged?
A: For Facebook and TikTok, you are charged when our technology detects data spend in a connected ad account. When that occurs, Deep Sync One will charge the credit card on file in $100 increments. The $100 incremental charge serves as a credit line for your account and covers the associated data spend and a 3.2% credit card fee. Your data spend is calculated by multiplying the media spend for that particular campaign by the appropriate audience segment billable percentage rate. Deep Sync One will deduct the data spend from your account credit line. Once your credit line reaches 80% utilization, we will charge your credit card an additional $100 to replenish your credit line and avoid disruption. 

Q: Is it possible to have a larger increment charged?
A: Yes! Increments of $250, $500, and $1,000 are available upon request.

Q: What happens when I have audience segments that have different billable rates?
A: When using multiple audiences in an ad set, you'll pay the highest rate for any data used, provided the audiences are powered by the same marketplace.

Multiple Segments from the Same Marketplace

  • Audience segments from the same Marketplace, used in the same ad set, regardless of the provider, will be charged the highest single percentage.

For example, if one audience is 10%, and another audience is 15%, and both of those segments were generated from LiveRamp, you will be charged a maximum of 15% for the use of both segments.

Multiple Segments from Different Marketplaces

  • Audience segments from different Marketplaces, used in the same ad set, regardless of the provider, have additive billing that will result in a combined rate.

For example,  if one audience is 10% and from the Oracle Marketplace, and another audience is 15% and from the Deep Sync Marketplace, you will be charged a combined rate of 25% for the use of both segments.

The fee is calculated based on ad sets that use the data we deliver. If you have multiple ad sets and only some ad sets use the data we deliver, the percentage fee is calculated based on the ad sets in which our data is being used.


Q: How do I add my payment method?
To add your payment method, click the “Billing” tab located within the navigation panel on the right-hand side of the screen. Proceed by clicking the “Add” button. Enter your credit card number, expiration date, and verification code. Click “Save” to continue.


Q: I am an agency with multiple clients. Can I designate different credit cards in my Deep Sync One account for each of my clients?

A: In current state, it is not possible to have more than one credit card in your account. You can create separate Deep Sync One accounts for each client, which will allow you to designate specific credit cards accordingly. Our development team is working on this feature and we hope to have it available in the future. Please check back to see our progress!


Q: Is payment by credit card my only option? Is invoicing available?
A: For clients with a minimum monthly spend of $5,000, invoicing is available. Please contact to discuss available options.

Q: Can I get an invoice that breaks down the charge associated with each of our ad accounts for the month?

A: For this information, you can view Facebook and TikTok usage reports in your Deep Sync One account by accessing the "Billing" tab, then "Facebook & TikTok Usage Reports."


Q: I will be canceling my Deep Sync One account. What happens to the credit associated with my account?
A: In the event that you cancel your account, we will refund any outstanding credit to the credit card on file once the audience segments are removed from your ad accounts. To initiate the cancellation of your account, please email

For more information on digital advertising pricing, read our blog post. For more information our pricing within Deep Sync One, view our pricing article.



Additional Questions


Q: I have ODC data segments that I didn’t request. Why are they there?

A: The ODC Welcome Packages are inclusive of all available segments. You will only be charged for the segments you use.


As always, we welcome you to contact our support team with any Deep Sync One questions that you have. We appreciate your support of Deep Sync One!