Deep Sync One: Flexible & Affordable Pricing

Deep Sync One is accessible with no monthly subscriptions and no hidden fees. Read below for all the details.

We appreciate your consideration of Deep Sync One for your digital, programmatic, and social media marketing audience needs. Pricing in the platform is clearly labeled and there are no hidden fees; you are only charged for the data you use. 

Common Digital Fee Models Used in Deep Sync One

When it comes to charging for data used in advertising campaigns, fee models differ by platform. Below is a high-level overview of three of the most common fee models in digital advertising that you’ll see in the Deep Sync One platform. 

Percentage of Media (PoM): In this fee model, data usage costs are calculated based on a percentage of the gross media spend. For example, if a campaign with a gross media spend of $10,000 uses a Deep Sync dataset priced at 15% of media spend, the data usage costs will be $1,500. This fee model is common for data delivered to social platforms like Facebook and TikTok. 

Digital CPM (Cost per Mille): Digital CPM pricing features a fixed cost per 1,000 digital impressions served using the data. This method is used by Google DV360 and other digital destinations. This model benefits advertisers by providing a clear understanding of the costs based on the number of impressions served.

Programmatic Hybrid: Hybrid pricing uses a combination of a percentage of media and a capped CPM rate. This model bills clients based on the percentage of media price unless that amount exceeds the CPM cap. For Deep Sync One audiences deliverable to The Trade Desk, you will see both the Programmatic CPM and CPM Cap prices listed in the Deep Sync One platform. 


Deep Sync One Segment Pricing

The majority of segments in the Deep Sync One Marketplace are priced at 10%, 12%, or 15% of the total media spend. Rates are shown next to the audience segment in the platform.

Deep Sync One’s audience segment pricing varies based on the associated data provider. Billable percentage rates are displayed next to each data segment in the Deep Sync One Marketplace. The majority of audience segments have a billable rate of 10%, 12%, or 15%. Custom audience segments are excluded from this pricing and will have their own individual billing rate.

There are three main marketplaces that power audience delivery in Deep Sync One: Deep Sync (DS), Oracle Data Cloud (ODC), and LiveRamp (LR). Please reference the following table to determine how providers align to the different marketplaces. When your budget requirements are firm, we recommend staying within one marketplace to avoid additive billing.


Deep Sync Proprietary Audiences (DS):

Providers from the
Oracle Marketplace (ODC):

Providers from the
LiveRamp Marketplace (LR):

CIS B2B by Deep Sync

ODC Premium

All remaining providers

CIS by Deep Sync

ODC Standard


HomeData by Deep Sync



Using Multiple Audiences

When using multiple audiences in an ad set, you'll pay the highest rate for any data used, provided the audiences are powered by the same marketplace.


Multiple Segments from the Same Marketplace

  • Audience segments from the same Marketplace, used in the same ad set, regardless of the provider, will be charged the highest single percentage.

For example, if one audience is 10%, and another audience is 15%, and both of those segments were generated from LiveRamp, you will be charged a maximum of 15% for the use of both segments.


Multiple Segments from Different Marketplaces

  • Audience segments from different Marketplaces, used in the same ad set, regardless of the provider, have additive billing that will result in a combined rate.

For example,  if one audience is 10% and from the Oracle Marketplace, and another audience is 15% and from the Deep Sync Marketplace, you will be charged a combined rate of 25% for the use of both segments.


The fee is calculated based on ad sets that use the data we deliver.
If you have multiple ad sets and only some ad sets use the data we deliver, the percentage fee is calculated based on the ad sets in which our data is being used.


Deep Sync Billed vs. Platform Billed

Depending on the destination(s) you deliver to via the Deep Sync One platform, you may be billed by Deep Sync directly or the platform destination.

Deep Sync-Billed Destinations: Facebook & TikTok
Deep Sync directly handles billing for data delivered to Facebook and TikTok.  Deep Sync monitors the gross media spend for any ad sets or campaigns that use Deep Sync datasets and directly charges your Deep Sync One account.

Platform-Billed Destinations: TTD & Google DV360
Your Deep Sync One account will not track usage or be charged directly for audiences delivered to The Trade Desk and Google DV360. Instead, data fees will be tracked and billed in your Trade Desk or Google DV360 account and reported back to Deep Sync. 


Automatic Billing for Facebook & TikTok

Deep Sync One uses automated billing to calculate data charges on Facebook and TikTok. All other Social Platforms are managed on a manual reporting basis (reported usage is charged to your credit card manually).

When the Deep Sync One platform detects a data segment appended to an ad set, our application will multiply the media spend for that particular campaign by the appropriate data segment tier. (10%, 12%, or 15%; excluding custom-built segments, which can be priced higher.) 

The instant our technology detects data spend in your Facebook or TikTok Ad Account, we will charge your credit card on file $100. This $100 charge covers a 3.2% credit card fee plus all of your data spend and will deduct your data spend amounts from your account credit line. (Larger charge increments of $250, $500, and $1,000 are available upon request.) Once your credit line hits 80% depletion/utilization, we will charge your credit card in the established increment to replenish your credit line.


Your balance is auto-replenished to ensure uninterrupted service.
As our system monitors data usage, usage is subtracted from the "credit" amount. Your account will be charged $100 each time the credit threshold hits 80% depletion.


In the event automated billing fails or bills incorrectly, Deep Sync One will confirm any charges with you and manually bill the credit card on file.


Enhanced Onboarding Pricing

To view our Enhanced Onboarding pricing and billing cadence, please log into the Deep Sync One platform.


Account Cancellations

In the event that you cancel your account, we will refund any outstanding credit to the credit card on file once the audience segments are removed from your Facebook account. To initiate the cancellation of your account, please email


As always, we welcome your questions related to Deep Sync One. Have a question about a specific charge in your Deep Sync One account? In need of audience recommendations? Please feel free to contact a member of our team by emailing